Rich Brown

  • “Down a Good Road” CD
  • “Beach Blues”  CD  
  • Soberstock Festival
  • Daytona’s Main Street Live Festival
  • Froggy’s Saloon
  • Bank And Blues Club
  • Deland’s Original Music Festival

“Rich Brown is a local boy with a bluesy guitar and a guttural voice to match. His 2009 six-track disc, Beach Blues, provides a nice sampling of his slide work. Brown is joined on the record by Woody Giessmann of Boston’s beloved Del Fuegos, and producer Hendrick Gideonse of Boston-based Indecent Music. The disc makes a nice showcase of Brown’s colorful lyrics, growly voice, and pensive guitar.”      —- Boston Blues Society Review – 2010

The Band is:

  • Rich Brown: Guitar/Vocals
  • Sean Wagner: Drums
  • Monty Harp: Bass/Vocals
  • Chuck Tabbert:  Keys

Anne Bello, TA1451
Anne Bello Productions, LLC
PH:  352-514-4996