The Divebombers


Ole’ School toe tappin’, foot stompin’, knee slappin’ Rock and Roll

The Divebombers are: George Worthmore, electric guitarist, NY Blues Hall of Fame inductee and 2017 regional International Blues Challenge champion, Nat Langston on acoustic guitar and Chad Clifford playing acoustic bass.

“….playing the songs of Johnny Cash, George Jones, Chet Atkins, Johnny Horton,
Merle Travis, Jerry Reed, And Non-Fat Elvis with musical virtuosity and an irresistible sense of fun.”

The Divebombers play the music of George Jones, Johnny Cash, Jerry Reed, Merle Travis, Chet Atkins, and Non-Fat Elvis, with instrumental virtuosity and an irresistible sense of fun.

“…..the darlings of the Sarasota music scene.”
“… cool as the other side of the pillow.”
“Chet Atkins on Steroids,”

Band Consists of:
  • George Worthmore:  SW Florida International Blues Challenge, and New York Blues Hall of Fame inductee
  • Chad Clifford :  Veteran Rock and Roll Bassist
  • Nat Langston:  Acoustic Guitar Whiz

FL GA SC Agent:

Anne Bello, TA1451

Anne Bello Productions, LLC