Performer and Band Services

Band Concierge Services:

Including Websites, Social Media, Photos, Photo Shoots, Calendar Updates, Publicity, and  More

  • Update or Maintain your website or calendars
  • Link other components (Social Media, EPK, YouTube Support)
  • Social Media Administration for higher engagement
  • Photography Services
  • Video Services (Take, or Produce in Coordination with Mike Shivvers)
  • Production of Online and Small Events
  • Publicity – Email Blasts, Radio, in addition to Website and social Media administration
  • Create EPK/Press Release
  • Consultation
  • Book your Band or Tour (Everywhere except California and New York)
  • Additional Publicity Support
  • Royalty Analysis
  • Post Production Paperwork and Registrations  (Executive Producer)
    • Advertising coordination with  Jazz & Blues Florida