Publishing & Management Services

We understand why you, The Artist is Self Produced, Self Promoted and Self Published.  We also have realized that when you don’t have someone looking after your interests, you’re often are not making as much income as you could be making on your creations, leaving recurring royalties and opportunities on the table.   A manager or publisher is a game changer insuring that your creations are registered across the world.  

Anne Bello Productions is creating a service just for you –  The Independent Creative who:

  • Don’t want to give 50% up to a publishing company when they put out their music
  • Doesn’t want to be bogged down with the “Business of Music” rather they prefer to be creative and be left to performing/recording and writing.  

We look to maximize your income by conducting Consulting, Royalty Analysis,  Dispute Challenges, or Registering for additional or new registrations you weren’t aware of.  Please call or email for more information on any of these services.  

New Services

Royalty Analysis – Deep dive to insure you are receiving all of your royalties.  You Receive a full report, then decide if you want us to handle any issues.   

Management – Monthly, administers submitting set lists including your original songs, consulting, pursuing  additional Synch Royalties, and You Tube Royalties.  As well as other music business tasks needed.

Publishing and Management – Full publishing services for new releases, and ongoing management to increase royalties for less than the typical 50%, with NO shared ownership of your music.  

In addition we can analyze distribution points to insure that your works are clearly represented where they should be, and that those points are customized with your Artist Bio, Header, Profile Photos, and other photos and that you are a verified artist on that platform.  

Finally, when you realize how much increased income you will have from this our hope is that you use us for publishing your next project.  With the New MLC there is a lot of good things coming down the pike!  

” I get a great sense of satisfaction watching your income increase from work you have already done, and will last your lifetime.  Let our company represent you, affordably!”                      Anne Bello, Owner, Anne Bello Productions Publishing

Anne Bello Productions LLC